Working Structure Fire

pOn December 5 Hope Fire Company with the career staff were dispatched for a structure fire at 60 High Street.nbsp On arrival of 82-82 Crews had heavy smoke showing and went all hands working.nbsp Mutual Aid Response from- 82-81 82-87 82-93 82-96 Robbinsville Sta. 40 Groveville Sta. 19 Nottingham Sta 17 Tanker 32-1 Allentown First Aid New Egypt Squad 54 and a cover from Burlington Engine 26-26.brp

Fatality on 195

pHope Fire Company with the career staff were dispatched to mile post 12 for a report of a over-turned tractor trailer with 1 person entrapped.nbsp On arrival of 82-82 they had a over-turned truck that appeared to be hauling a trailer with a lift with one fatality.nbsp Units remained on scene for approx. 6 hrs. while investigations and clean up were conducted.nbsp Responding units- 82-82 82-81 82-87 Millstone Sta. 32-1 Allentown First Aid MONOC Monmouth County Hazmat NJSPnbspNJDOT and NJDEP.nbsp br nbspp

Training- large area search

pHFC members first trained on saw usage then followed up with practicing large area searches.nbsp Teams while on air and having masks blacked out had to locate and rescue multiple victims within a large open floor area.nbspnbspnbspThe training excercise ended with a rapid intervention team having to locate and rescue a downed firefighter.nbspnbspp

MVA W/ Entrapment

pHope Fire Company with New Egypt Fire and EMS were dispatched to the area of 99 Arneytown-Hornstown Rd. for a MVA with entrapment and 2 patients.nbsp On arrival of New Egypt EMS they confirmed one patient entrapped and that a medivac was requested.nbsp The driver of the vehicle was transported to Capital Health Trauma Center.nbsp The passenger of the vehicle was extricated and flown to Capital Health Trauma Center. Responding Units- 82-8282-8182-8782-93 New Egypt Fire and nbspp

Over-turned Into Ditch

pHope Fire Company with the Career Staff were dispatched to Breza Rd. for a report of a over-turned vehicle.nbsp On arrival of 82-82- and 82-87 they found a single vehicle into a ditch on its roof with no entrapment.nbsp Responding units- 82-82 82-87 Allentown EMS and Monmouth County Hazmat.brp

Over-Turn Rt.195

pHope Fire Company was dispatched to mile post 12.9 for a over-turned vehicle with reports of entrapment.nbsp On arrival of 82-82 they had a single vehicle on its roof with the driver still inside.nbsp 82-82s crew removed the patient from the vehicle were the patient was transferred to EMS and transported to Capital Health Trauma Center.nbsp Responding units- 82-82 82-81 32-75 and Allentown EMS.brp

Overturned dump truck

pHope Fire Co responded with New Egypt Fire Co to an overturned dump truck on Route 537.nbsp New Egypt removed the patient from the vehicle and established a medevac landing zone while Hope Fire Co assisted with traffic control at the accident scene.nbspnbspp


pHope Fire Co has routine scheduled training excercises scheduled twice a month.nbsp On 11-8 we held a scenario-based training excercise in which crews were quotdispatchedquot to a working fire in an apartment building.nbsp Whilenbspon air packs crews had to search a smoked-out room to locate and rescue three quotvictimsquot.nbsp Crews also practiced communications firefighter rescue laddering hoseline deployment and establishing a water supply via tanker.nbspp

Fall Back on Sound Advice: Time to Change Your Clock AND Your Smoke Alarm Batteries

pFrom the U.S. Fire AdministrationpdivAs our nation moves back to Standard Time beginning this weekend the U.S. Fire Administration USFA encourages you to mark the occasion as a time to test your home smoke alarms and replace the batteries if more than one year old.divdivEvery day in the United States needless home fire deaths occur. Working smoke alarms significantly increase your chance of surviving a deadly home fire. A properly installed and maintained smoke alarm is the only thing in your home that can alert you and your family to a fire 24 hours a day seven days a week. Whether youre awake or asleep a working smoke alarm is constantly on alert scanning the air for fire and smoke.divdivnbspdivdivIn addition to changing your smoke alarm batteries this weekend the USFA recommends following these simple steps to protect your life your loved ones and your homedivul typedisc sizset16 sizcache2 li stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptDust or vacuum smoke alarms when you change the li stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptTest alarms once a month using the test li stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptReplace the entire alarm if its more than 10 years old or doesnt work properly when li stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptInstall smoke alarms on every level of your home including the basement and both inside and outside of sleeping li stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptFor the best protection equip your home with a combination of ionization and photoelectric smoke alarms or dual sensor li stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptInterconnect all smoke alarms throughout your home so that when one sounds they all sound. Interconnected alarms are available at most stores that sell smoke li stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptMake sure everyone in your home understands the warning of the smoke alarm and knows how to respond.liuldivFinally prepare and practice an escape plan so that you and your loved ones can get out of your home safely should there be a fire. Plan to meet in a place a safe distance from the fire and where first responders can easily see you.divdivFor more information on smoke alarms fire escape planning and fire prevention visit the USFA website at a hrefhttpwww.usfa.fema.govcampaignssmokealarmsfont color800080www.usfa.fema.govsmokealarmsfonta.div

Oct 10th: Put the Brakes on Fatalities Day

pEvery 15 Minutes Another Family Loses A Loved One.pdiv stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptImagine a Day with Zero Traffic Fatalities…divdiv stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptnbspdivdiv stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptOctober 10supthsup is the eleventh anniversary of Put the Brakes on Fatalities Day.nbspHope Fire Company has had to respond to two fatal accidents within the past week. nbspWe want to prevent similar tragedies from happening in the future – but can only do so if we all commit to making motor vehicle crashes injuries and death prevention a top priority.nbsp In an effort to raise awareness to this national campaign Hope Fire Company would like to emphasize last yearrsquos theme of quotDont Drive Distracted – Drive to Arrive.quotnbsp Driver distractions or inattentive driving play a part in one out of every four motor vehicle crashes.nbsp In 2008 nearly 6000 people died in crashes involved a distracted driver and more than 500000 were injured.divdiv stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptnbspdivdiv stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptBeginning with October 10th and every day thereafter an even fewer number of deaths lost in vehicle related crashes can result if everyone not only imagines a day with zero fatalities but also takes personal responsibility and pro-active steps such asdivdiv stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptnbspdivul typedisc stylemargin-top 0in li stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptDrive assertively as if your life depends on it – that means courteously and defensivelynbspnbspnbspli li stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptDont drive distracted no cell phones and blackberries must be turned off and if needed pull off the road to a safe li stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptGive full attention to the road ahead driving 60 mph means traveling 88 feet in one second in order to recognize conditions and make save driving decisionsli li stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptDont drive while impaired no alcohol if drivingli li stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptBuckle-up every trip – every timeli li stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptUse properly-installed child safety seats for children age 8 and underli li stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptDont speed and slow down to posted speed limits in construction zonesli li stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptKeep vehicles and tires properly maintainedli li stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptWear appropriate protective gear when bicycling skating or riding a motorcycle or scooterli li stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptAlways stop and look left right left before crossing streets andli li stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptWork with local officials to remove hazards and improve roadway safety.liuldiv stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptnbspdivdiv stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptIn order to reduce fatalities the campaign asks everyone to focus on their own behavior when using Americas roadways – as pedestrians bicycle and motorcycle operators motor vehicle operators and passengers.nbsp Each person must take an extra measure of care to ensure their safety and the safety of others by sharing roadways in a safe manner.divdiv stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptnbspdivdiv stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptThe Put the Brakes on Fatalities Day Program was kicked-off in 2001 patterned after the Great American Smoke out and believed necessary when statistics showed that from 1995 thru 2000 over 250000 deaths had occurred on our highways and streets.nbsp The sad news was that the annual average of 41500 fatalities could be the number of approximately one-half the attendees at a large football stadium on a fall afternoon.nbsp The good news is that with many promoted safety programs improved roadways safer cars and slightly less number of miles driven there has been a downward trend in the number of annual fatalities.nbsp In 2008 the number of fatalities declined to 37261 and is estimated to be nearly 34000 in 2009. The trend is significant and gives hope that the number of fatalities can and will be reduced even further as 34000 annual deaths is unacceptable with nearly one life lost every 15 minutes.divdiv stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptnbspdivdiv stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptPut the Brakes on Fatalities Day will be celebrated around the nation to continue encouraging the public to make special efforts to keep themselves and their loved ones from becoming one of those statistics.divdiv stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptnbspdivdiv stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptFor more information see a hrefhttpwww.brakesonfatalities.orgfont color800080www.brakesonfatalities.orgfonta and a hrefhttpwww.distraction.govfont color800080www.distraction.govfontadivpnbspp

Working Structure Fire

pOn September 7 2011 Hope Fire Company with the career staff were dispatched for a report of a structure fire at 33 Rues Road.nbsp On arrival of first in units they were confronted with smoke showing from all sides.nbsp A 1 34 in. hose line was stretched by telesqurt 32-90 crew making an aggressive interior attack and a primary search assisted by Engine 82-82s crew. Crews quickly knocked the bulk of the fire down while Truck 3915 performed ventilation.nbsp Mutual Aid responding were Sta. 39 Ocean Sta 32-1Monmouth Sta.54 Ocean Sta 19 Mercer and a cover by Sta.41 Mercerbrp

Structure Fire Rt. 539

pOn September 9 2011 Hope Fire Company with the career staff were dispatched for a reported structure fire at 201 Rt. 539.nbsp Engine 82-82 Vorp arrived and advised of a fire in the attic.nbsp Telesqurt 32-90 Buckalew arrived second due and laid out 700 feet of 5 and led off with a 1 34nbsphand line.nbsp 32-90s aerial was put to the attic window and was taken by 82-93s crew.nbsp Tanker 3296 and 82-96 arrived and supplied 32-90.nbsp Crews quickly knocked the fire down and overhauled the attic area.nbsp Mutual Aid responding were Sta. 32-1 Monmouth Sta. 19 Mercer and Sta. 54 Ocean.brp

MVA w/ fatality

pspan styleline-height 115 font-size 10.5ptHope Fire Company was dispatched to a motor vehicle accident with reports of heavy entrapment on Meirs Road.nbspOn arrival crews found a motor vehicle accident involving a single vehicle with the driver a confirmed fatality on arrival.nbspCrews secured the power to the vehicle and assisted the New Jersey State Police with traffic control while they conducted their investigation.nbsp Upon completion of the investigation crews extricated the victim from the vehicle for the medical examiner.nbspOther agencies that responded to this incident included New Egypt Fire Company New Egypt First Aid Squad and New Jersey State Police.nbspspanp

MVA w/ rollover

pspan styleline-height 115 font-size 10.5ptHope Fire Company was dispatched to a motor vehicle accident on Herbert Road.nbspOn arrival crew found a motor vehicle accident involving a single vehicle which had rolled over.nbspNo significant injuries were reported.nbspOther agencies that responded to this incident included the Allentown First Aid Squad and the New Jersey State Police.nbspspanp

Allentown, NJ